Leading Chinese automatic bag-given packing machine manufacture Beite recently caught visitors’ eyes at the 3th China (Zhengzhou) Good grain and Oil products and machinery equipment trading conference. The company showcased some of their most powerful and advanced automatic bag-given packing machine— including the powder packing series BT-8B and BT-10T. Beite’s exciting product line-up wowed visitors who were impressed with their advanced technology. Beite has been dedicated to automatic bag-given packing machine for over 21 years, and the company has 90% market share in the automatic flour packing filed in China.


Beite’s Exhibition Booth

The China( Zhengzhou) Good grain and Oil products and machinery equipment trading conference is one of the most professional and most respected consumer machinery industry events in China. Beite’s participation will no doubt help grow the brand, while the company also looks to bring their exciting and innovative products to other key market.
At the 3th China( Zhengzhou) Good grain and Oil products and machinery equipment trading conference, Beite showed off several of their most advanced products with a spotlight on their powder packing machines — the BT-8B and BT-10T. The feeding accuracy of these two models can be within ± 2 ‰ ~ 3 ‰. And the two models are equipped with automatic lubrication and automatic maintenance, which guarantee a long working life of machine. Both of the two models have parameter memory function, thus users just need to press a button to adjust settings (e.g. clamping width, packaging speed, packaging weight, sealing temperature).

Beite’s Sales are Introducing Machines for Visitors

In recent years, the automatic bag-given packing machine industry has seen steady growth, however from a long-term perspective, consistent problems and inconsistencies in after-sales systems hinder industry development and work to erode consumer trust. In-line with their “No order too small, no problem too big” maxim, in 2001 Beite launched a groundbreaking after-sales model called “Beite exclusive service”— where customers enjoy exclusive service from installation to commission. Customers also don’t need to be concerned with liability for product issues, as all repairs during the warranty period are free with “no-questions-asked”.
Beite’s commitment to a “Customer First” approach, unparalleled innovation, and sparing no effort to ensure an exceptional product experience will ensure strong demand and steady growth for the brand in overseas market in the future.