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Granule packaging machine BT-8A

Contact: Wendy


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Technical Parameters

Model No. BT-8A
Applications Granule, solid, etc;like frozen food, pet food, snack food, meat, etc.
Pouch Size Width: 100-240mm


Filling Weight Max 2000g/bag
Filling Speed 15-45 bags/min(filling speed depend on the pouch type and pouch size)
Pouch Material Single-PE, PE compound materials, CPP composite material, Aluminum foil, etc
Pouch types Flat bag,stand bag,zipper bag,special-shaped bag
Machine Material Machine base and appearance parts:SUS304/SUS 316
Power 380v, 3phase; 50/60HZ, 3.8KW
Air Compression 500N Litre/min, 6kg/cm2
Size of Machine(mm) L2700xW2100xH1950
Weight of Machine About 1800kg


Work process:

bag giving→date coding →bag opening →filling and vibrating →bag mouth cleaning→ heat sealing 1→heat sealing 2→forming and output

Bag type:


  • Large color touch screen :adjust packaging bag size, packaging speed, sealing temperature and so on automatically by inputting corresponding information on it, and take detection each station automatically.
  • Provide automatic warming and display the reason when any fault on machine or working environment on screen, reduce staff maintenance difficult.
  • Machine is equipped with a testing system, which can truly achieve “no bag – no filling – no sealing” and high yield of packaging.